The Story of Word

As daily notebook users, we wanted to create the perfect pocket version to keep with us at all times. A notebook that was both stylish and functional. Something we’d enjoy looking at that could also handle all the lists we craft on a daily basis.

We realized that each of us had our own system we used while jotting notes. Whether it was starring certain items or coming up with different bullet points, we all did something to organize the things we were writing down. We decided to standardize a system for all these lists and reminders and pack it inside a stylish notebook.

With that, Word Notebooks was born.

Each one features our own unique system to help organize your life and they’re all designed and made in the USA.

We hope they become your go-to pocket notebook.

The System

The unique bullet point system used in Word Notebooks lets you organize your tasks efficiently. Simply fill in the bullet point when writing an item on that line. Trace the circle around it when it’s important and add a slash when you’ve started work on it. Once the task is complete, simply mark down an “X” and move on to the next item on your list.

It’s an easy way to keep track of all your notes. 

  • Uses for Word

    Daily, Weekly, monthly to-do lists
    A packing list before your next trip
    Restaurants you want to try out
    Songs to listen to later
    Crafting your ultimate bucket list
    Grocery list
    Beverages you want to try
    Tracking your workout routine
    Gift shopping lists

  • Book Specs

    48 pages, lined
    3.5" x 5.5"
    Made in the USA

    Printed with
    Hostmann-Steinberg inks

    Stitching wire comes from
    the Spiral Binding Company

  • Meant for Archiving

    Once you’ve filled one up, store it someplace safe so you can look back on the things you were up to when you used it.

    We’ll continue to create new styles so your collection can grow with time.

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