Velvet Spectrum

BY Word. Notebooks

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  • Contains 3 notebooks in the same color
  • 48 pages, lined
  • 3.5" x 5.5"
  • Made in the USA
  • Artwork exclusive to Word.

When we launched Word. Notebooks four years ago, we had the idea of styling each of our pocket notebooks to match movements and trends we were fans of. From unique military camos to Japanese indigos, we’ve pretty much done just that. With the launch of The Artist Series, it’s time to change things up. For this collection, we’ve collaborated with some of our favorite visual artists to craft a series of notebooks that are fresh, diverse, and unlike any we’ve done before. The designers we tapped have amassed massive followings thanks to their original and individual art, and we’re excited to bring it to your daily note-taking ritual. This notebook features exclusive artwork from Luke Choice, a New York-based artist who works under the name Velvet Spectrum. His playful aesthetic delivers bursts of vibrant color across the front and back of each notebook. Each notebook is made in the USA and includes our unique bullet point system to keep your notes organized.

The Artist: Velvet Spectrum

Like cutting a veil between the gritty reality we live in and the cotton candy world we dream about. Though surreal, it’s all held together at the seams with a confident gravity. Vibrant, yet never loud. Cheeky, but never flippant. Velvet Spectrum offers you a pair of technicolor lenses and a chance to see the world beyond his artwork infused with the same playfulness. It calls attention to beauty inherent within its form, and as an audience we are transformed. Though the vibrant colors and textures transcend our daily perception, they discerningly refocus our attention back to the infinitely expressive nature of reality.

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