Redwood Supply California Series Pencils

BY Redwood Supply

  • Box of 12 (all the same color)
  • No. 2 pencils
  • Wood construction, metal ferrule, rubber eraser
  • Made in the USA

Think back to a time when things were simpler. Remember the peace that existed before you relied on the bright screen of a device to keep your thoughts in order? Using a set of Redwood California Series Pencils helps reclaim a bit of that calmness, as they rekindle the simple pleasure of putting lead to paper. No charging cables. No dead batteries. Plus, writing something down helps you remember it better. Each color option evokes a different location in the Golden State. Blue is for Lake Tahoe, Orange is for the Golden Gate Bridge, Black is for the tar pits of La Brea, and Green is for the giant sequoia trees found in the state. Each set of twelve No. 2 pencils is made in the USA and packed in a slide-tray box. Sharpen one up for note-taking and keep your phone for your Facebook updates.

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