The Stillwell Pen

BY James Knives

$41.50 $50.00

  • Aluminium construction
  • Anodized black finish
  • Ball point
  • 3.5" closed
  • 5.4" open
  • 21.5g weight
If we're being completely honest, we'd probably forget at least half of the things we needed to get done on a regular basis if we didn't write it all down. If you're anything like us, you get it. We all need to keep track of the honey-do, work to-do and the gotta-get-it-done lists even if it means writing on the go. Skip the apps and spreadsheets and go old school with a notebook and the The Stillwell Black from the James Brand. Billed as "the compact pen re-imagined", the Stillwell is a piece of EDC gear that measures 3.5" closed and hangs from just about anything that splits in half and screws into itself to create a full-size pen you can use for all your daily tasks regardless of how mundane.

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