Mini Brass EDC Pen

BY Sunshine Products USA

  • Machined brass
  • 2" L
  • Uses Cross Matrix Mini Ballpoint refills
  • Made in the USA

You never have a pen when you need one. That’s a fact. But it’s not because you’re forgetful; it’s because pens are funny-shaped objects that jut from pockets, jab legs, and turn you into a drafter when tucked behind your ear. This is why we wholly endorse slapping the Mini Brass EDC Pen on your keychain. At just 2” in length and 1 oz. in weight, it isn’t a nuisance to keep with you at all times. Plus, since it’s machined from solid brass, it isn’t like attaching a flimsy Bic to your keychain. It’s built to last and will be the last everyday carry pen you’ll ever need to buy.

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