Concrete Bin Slab

BY I Love Handles

$12.45 $15.00

  • 4” x 4” x 1”
  • Concrete
  • Hand-sanded and sealed
  • 11 oz.
From paperclips to rubber bands, the tiniest of office necessities are often the hardest to locate. Instead of digging through that junk drawer like a rabid scavenger, drop the Concrete Slab Bin onto your desk. Each of the concrete vessels is hand-sanded and sealed and offers storage with an industrial vibe. Use it for paperclips. Use it for rubber bands. Use it for thumb drives and SD cards if you’ve left the paperwork era behind. No matter what you use the Concrete Slab Bin for, you can rest assured it will look sharp on your disk. Bring a bit of masonry and organization to your desktop with the Concrete Slab Bin.

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